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Old Country Love is a home and do it yourself blog-site. Follow along on our journey of remodeling our old, OLD farmhouse.

Old Country Love is a telling of our joys, sorrows, and oy veys at our remodeling exploits.

I know we have learned from our mistakes and I am hoping you can learn something as well as you read along. I also have yummy recipes to delight you and your pampered pooch {Minute Steak Dog Fry, Dog-Gone Chili, & Puppy Chow Chili}. At Old Country Love I have written up product reviews that I feel y'all would appreciate {Pamela's Chocolate Brownie Mix, Amy's Rice Mac & Cheese, Varathane One Step and Triple Thick}.

We have on Old Country Love some diy projects that are simple if you are handy. I say that because I am not all together handy with some wood projects, but my super talented hubby executes my dreams superbly. We balance our talents really well and we are blessed in that we can work together well also.

Old Country Love Farm

The Old Country Love Farm...before we gave it new life.

This old house may have a long way to go to being our dream house but she has come along way since we found her. Our progress has been filled with sweat and painkillers.  Here we go, from plaster and lath to beauty and dinner...

What diy or remodel project have you tackled lately????



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